"Therapy of poetry": news stories announce Book & Course

The formal launch of the charity, our poetry anthology Stressed Unstressed (out now) and our online course Literature and Mental Health takes place on Thursday 28 January, and we have been getting some great pre-publicity: our work was featured as a major story in the Sunday Times: "Stressed celebrities praise therapy of poetry" - Paula Byrne, our founder, said "I want the anthology to be the Gideon Bible of poetry, placed not in hotel rooms but in hospitals, surgeries and schools." And Libby Purves followed up with a comment piece in The Times: "Poetry has the power to heal tortured minds." The poetry anthology immediately became an Amazon Top Twenty bestseller. The Independent on Sunday has also run a full-page news story about our online course, for which over 12,000 people have already signed up - "Great Literature: Balm for a Troubled Mind."